Every agency selection process is as individual as the company behind it.

As a modern marketing director, head of corporate communications or employee in the field of marketing and communications, you have to oversee a wide range of activities and responsibilities. The agency search and selection process is not part of your day-to-day work and is a special task. Nobody, therefore, can expect you to know the entire agency market. Moreover, the industry is far too dynamic and non-transparent for you to maintain an overview. An agency ranking can only cover a fraction of the market.
For you, the agency search and selection is both a tremendously exciting process and a great opportunity to make a contribution to the success of the company and brand. For us, it means demonstrating our core skills and our passionate instinct. A strong team!

But for us, too, no agency selection process is a standard process, because every company, every institution and every brand has special requirements for its agencies and their own basic conditions, which require individual approaches and agency selection processes. Here we are happy to be creative sparring partners, together considering alternative ways to find you the right agency. It doesn’t always have to be a pitch, for instance.
If required, we advise and support you through the entire agency selection process and successfully involve stakeholders and decision-makers. We support you in the development of a good briefing and coordinate everything with the agency.

Our goal is to help you make the right decision!

In over 750 agency selection processes, we have analysed the widest variety of agency requirements and made them the focus of the process. We have travelled through Europe with our clients to get to know agencies on the ground. We have developed agency evaluation systems, tested core teams, examined organisational models, compared calculations, compiled pitch briefings and presented hundreds of pitch presentations. At the end of each process, we asked our clients the crucial question: “Do you want to work with this agency?” So far, all of our clients said yes.

Over 750 successful selection processes

Creativity is only half of the story

Agency selection is about more than creativity, which is why we offer the following services:
  • Strategic Consulting and demand analysis (defining the criteria for agency selection)
  • Agency search, agency screening and longlist workshop
  • Agency coordination: Organisation of chemistry meetings, development of individual agency evaluation systems
  • Request for organisation/request for proposal and relevant checks of agency quotes (incl. film, radio and TV checks)
  • Drawing up agency contracts and agency remuneration models
  • Pitch consulting and pitch management
  • Pitch briefing support, development of individual briefing templates and briefing standards
  • Development of viable alternatives to pitches such as holding workshops or engagement processes
  • Supporting agency implementation (transition phase)

Der perfekte Agenturauswahlprozess

Der systematische Agenturauswahlprozess beginnt mit der Beantwortung der Kernfrage: „Welche Agentur und welches Kernteam ist am besten geeignet für meine individuelle Aufgabe?“
Ein systematisch, sorgfältig und professionell durchgeführter Agenturauswahlprozess erhöht die Wahrscheinlichkeit für einen Erfolg enorm.

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