How do I introduce my agency to cherrypicker?

We’d love to get to know you!

Are you a new agency or one that isn’t in our agency pool yet? To introduce yourself or share some news with us, simply send us your agency credentials and information by email. We’ll include you in the cherrypicker agency pool and our database.

How do I keep cherrypicker up to date with the developments at my agency?

Keep us up to date!

The agency market is changing at a rapid pace. That’s why we’re always interested to hear what’s going on with you and what you’re particularly good at. Our clients have exciting and very individual challenges and are looking for THE right agency. They want the best agency. Help us find them.

For our client projects, we work closely with all agencies and treat them all fairly and with respect. We are also committed to our clients treating agencies in the same way. Because we strongly believe that a good and successful partnership between our clients and their agencies only works with mutual respect and this is the only way to create successful communication.

You can expect fairness and objectivity from us. Transparency is also very important to us, but we can only provide it to the extent that our client allows as we also have strict confidentiality requirements. You can find the rules that we have set ourselves here.

cherrypicker does not work on behalf of agencies or for them. This is important to us, as it is the only way to avoid conflicts of interest with our clients.

How do I put together my agency documents for cherrypicker?

It’s all about the content

But you should at least include the following information:

  • Key agency data
  • Decision-makers and relevant people who shape the agency
  • Contact person for cherrypicker (new business)
  • Focus areas and key skills
  • Client overview: a) current clients and projects b) former clients and projects
  • Cases that demonstrate the agency’s skills
  • Cases that you are proud of

Put it all together in a file (ppt or pdf) which is < than 500 MB. Please send us this file as a download or email to:

We treat all information with strict confidentiality and it will not be disclosed to third parties.

What’s the procedure if my agency is considered of interest for a project?

It’s all about our client

If we consider you to be an exciting partner for one of our clients, we’ll get back in touch. We’ll inform you in advance, as best we can, about the client’s respective challenges and projects and ask you for specific and detailed information. You’re not preparing this for us, but for the client. We give them all of your documents of course and the client obviously decides whether they want to get to know your agency.

Being included in our agency pool, the updating of your information and participation in an agency selection process is all free of charge.

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